Vertical poetry Eighth. 2

Words too fall to the ground,
like birds suddenly driven crazy
by their own movements,
like objects that suddenly lose their balance,
like men who stumble even when there’s no obstacle,
like dolls estranged by their own rigidity.

Then, the words themselves build a stairway
from the ground,
to climb up to human discourse,
to its stutter
or final sentence.

But some words remain forever fallen.
And sometimes we find such words
in an almost larval mimesis,
as if they knew someone were going to come
gather them up and build a new language,
a language made up entir
ely of fallen words.

Vertical poem Eleventh 1.3

A writing that withstands bad weather,
that can be read beneath sun or rain,
beneath howling or night,
beneath the nakedness of time.

A writing that withstands the infinite,
cracks that spread like pollen,
reading without the gods’ pity,
the desert’s illiterate reading.

A writing that resists
absolute bad weather.
A writing than can be read
even in death.