The Raven – Edgar Allan Poe & Fernando Pessoa


Eis a minha tatuagem.

A legenda ficou por conta do meu tatuador, o mestre Alan Macintosh. A inspiração para a minha tatuagem não foi esse poema, mas o significado do corvo na poesia é o mesmo que me inspirou. O corvo é a verdade, a sabedoria, e isso se manifesta nesta poesia na rima Lenore (a amada falecida do eu-lírico) com “nevermore” (nunca mais). O corvo traz o chamado para a vida que continua, alheia aos nossos mais profundos desejos.

De qualquer maneira e sem mais delongas, a poesia feita por Edgar Allan Poe e a tradução feita por ninguém menos que Fernando Pessoa. E por fim, um episódio dos Simpsons onde essa poesia é declamada, com direito a piadas e tudo mais. Há declamações mais sérias no YouTube obviamente, mas uma pitada de humor sempre ajuda. 🙂

The Raven – by Edgar Allan Poe

Once upon a midnight dreary…

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The frailty of a dark night
A leaf holding its green as it droops to the human touch
A pluck and it’s over.
Barks of endless trees in a crown
Over a moon that pulls the tide to robe
Its light beauty.
A lonely frail wave lulls a lonely mind to sleep
Thoughts become oceans then clouds
A reign that lasts for a few hours
Its light beauty comes down
To the leaf
To the forest.
I am where I am
A fish in a fishbowl
That could have been an ocean
That could have been a cloud-
Or maybe just a drop.


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Review: Letter from an Unknown Woman by Stefan Zweig

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Letter from an Unknown Woman [1922]★★★★★

The opposite of love is not hatred, it’s indifference. This novella by an Austrian author, which was adapted into a major film of 1948 directed by Max Ophüls and starring Joan Fontaine and Louis Jourdan, tells the story of a man who receives a strange letter one morning penned by one unknown-to-him woman. What this woman tells him is something much more than a mere confession. It is a soul-searching, gut-wrenching effort at personal liberation, a last cry to be finally understood in life and one fearful culmination of a life lived with one endless hope, a fruitless succession of attempts at happiness and one final tragic resignation. R. is a handsome man and a celebrated novelist who always had a lot of affection from women. The unknown woman is a dreamy and impressionable person from a much more modest family. What…

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Hole in the sand by Bien-Être pour Bien Vivre

I could not be seen

But I was seeing everything Everything in a whole scene

And, I felt this odd feeling Running through all my being

I was near the old man

The one who was digging

Holes in the sand

While talking to his shadow Unveiling his sorrow

I went closer to him

I took his hands in mines

I knelt down next to him

To dig with my bare hands

Holes to bury madness in the sand